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A focused portfolio of companies
with a positive impact on society

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We are building a portfolio of platforms

We leverage our knowledge, expertise, and experience across different mandates. The combination of large well-established companies, growth equity, and scale-ups forms attractive platforms and allows us to be a value-adding, active, and engaged owner with a qualified point of view.


Our Group consists of key players in several industries

The A.P. Moller Group is a diversified group of industry leading companies, each independently run with dedicated boards and executive teams.

The Group’s activities lie within our four investment themes, promoting long-term secular growth and positive impact.

Principal holdings & Scale-ups

Key figures about the A.P. Moller Group


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‘Nyttig virksomhed’ is at the core of everything we do

‘Nyttig virksomhed’ builds on our Founder A.P. Møller’s life goal of being useful in the context of society, which can take many forms from building windmills to improving healthcare, and every company in the A.P. Moller Group contributes to this purpose in their own way.

“... the ultimate aim is not so much a high dividend distribution, as the build-up of useful activities.”
A.P. Møller, 1953


A.P. Moller invests in Tenderd

Tenderd is a global leader in digital transformation for heavy equipment management and operations.

Chetan Mehta, Head of Growth Equity at A.P. Moller Holding, said: “Tenderd is a leader within telematics solutions with a platform that offers real-time visibility and insights for heavy equipment across a range of industries. Their solutions enhance operational efficiencies, improve safety and mitigate carbon emissions. We are excited to be investing in Tenderd and we look forward to contributing to their continued growth.”

Novo Holdings and A.P. Moller Holding back CIRCTEC, a leader in pyrolysis for sustainable end-of-life tyre recycling, in a €150 million financing round

Novo Holdings and A.P. Moller Holding have enabled a €150 million fundraise for CIRCTEC by leading with a €75 million equity investment. Financing includes €22.5 million of grants awarded by the Government of the Netherlands.

Svitzer joins the A.P. Moller Group

We are happy to welcome Svitzer as a stand-alone company to the A.P. Moller Group.