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An engaged owner
with a long-term perspective

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We invest for the future

When investing in new companies, our overall selection criteria include:

A focus on themes where we see long-term, secular growth trends.
The company can benefit from our Group’s capabilities, our networks, and specific insights we bring.


mega trends

value add


The company has a positive impact on society.


Four themes with long-term secular growth and positive impact

Global trade

Global trade is key to prosperity as it enables income and growth for people and societies throughout the world. Our companies facilitate and enable global trade in different ways, for example by facilitating more efficient logistics for countries and companies across the globe and by building critical infrastructure.

The energy transition

For societies to grow and prosper, they depend on a steady and reliable energy supply. At the same time, our planet needs to urgently transition from hydrocarbon-based energy to sustainable energy sources. We are focused on advancing and pushing for the transition in a way that is reliable, secure, and responsible.

Circularity, water & waste recovery

Continued global growth has put the availability of resources under pressure. More sustainable paths are being adapted and the use and utilisation of resources must be optimised. We are focused on the development, penetration, and deployment of circular business models to replace linear production and consumption models.

Demographic & societal change

Across both mature and emerging economies, population demographics are changing. These slow-moving but largely inevitable demographic and societal factors are transforming our societies, creating a greater need for care and welfare. A declining workforce as a percentage of the total population will also drive a need for increased workforce productivity. We believe digital and automated ways of working, increased robotics, and AI can help workforce productivity and enhance the delivery of care and welfare.


Owners with purpose

As owners, we are engaged with our companies to help them be successful, while they also support local communities. Our 100+ years of heritage provides the basis for the way we do business, and our culture and values are a testament to why we have stood the test of time. We aim to bring those same values to the companies we own and, as a group, also be highly relevant in 100 years.

The average lifespan of a company is less than the one of a human being, and in order to stay relevant over time, companies need to continue to develop themselves. We never stop challenging ourselves, and we expect that changes to the external environment will force us to continue to adapt and, when needed, alter course or direction. If it is the right decision, we will deploy more capital or postpone dividends if there are long-term attractive opportunities to pursue.

As the parent company of the A.P. Moller Group, we encourage and facilitate a unique network that spans multiple countries and sectors. By engaging across the A.P. Moller Group and sharing our insights, we all benefit from a powerful pool of talent, industrial relationships, and wide-ranging industry know-how. We also believe that a diversified and financially robust portfolio will be able to sustain black swans and unforeseen negative events.


‘Nyttig virksomhed’ is at the core of everything we do

‘Nyttig virksomhed’ builds on our Founder A.P. Møller’s life goal of being useful in the context of society, which can take many forms from building windmills to improving healthcare, and every company in the A.P. Moller Group contributes to this purpose in their own way.

“... the ultimate aim is not so much a high dividend distribution, as the build-up of useful activities.”
A.P. Møller, 1953


Letter from the CEO

In connection with the publication of A.P. Moller Holding’s Annual Report 2023, our CEO, Robert M. Uggla shares his reflections on last year’s activities and highlights from across the A.P. Moller Group.

Annual Report 2023

A.P. Moller Holding enjoyed strong cash inflow and experienced an increase in net asset value in 2023 despite headwinds in global trade

Pernille Erenbjerg appointed Chair of KK Wind Solutions

Following the acquisition of Nissens Cooling Solutions, Pernille Erenbjerg has been appointed as the new Chair of KK Wind Solutions.