Fresh water for water scarcity areas

Nearly half the world’s population lives in areas experiencing water scarcity and almost 500 million people experience severe water scarcity all year around. Therefore, A.P. Moller Holding is forming Iv3 Aqua, a new venture established together with a management team with three decades of industry-leading experience from the global water industry.

Iv3 Aqua will design, acquire, rebuild, own, and operate water and wastewater plants and related businesses. Their focus includes water treatment plants that purify water to make it usable as potable water for human consumption and domestic use and into process water for industrial and agricultural uses, as well as wastewater treatment and re-use.

"With the global population expected to increase from 7.5bn to 9.8bn by 2050, there will be even more stress on available water resources as water use historically increases in line with population & GDP. The team behind Iv3 Aqua has decades of experience in acquiring, building and operating water treatment plants, and has a long track record of building successful businesses. Only a fraction of the world’s 3% of fresh water is accessible for human consumption with the other 97% found in the ocean. We therefore find Iv3 Aqua’s business model very interesting, and going well in hand with our purpose to invest in businesses having a positive impact on society."

Jan T. Nielsen, CIO at A.P. Moller Holding

"We found kindred spirits at A.P. Moller Holding. They are long-term investors with relevant, global experience, and, like us, believe in the mission of providing water to water scarce or water compromised regions. We are building this new venture on the back of two prior, successful water companies, and believe we have found the right investor."

Olaf N. Krohg, CEO at Iv3 Aqua

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